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Haute Jewels Geneva 2024

A collective of the world’s finest jewellery brands will exhibit at the
Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva and the InterContinental Hotel Geneva from
Monday 8th April – Monday 15th April 2024.



In 2024 Haute Jewels Geneva will return across two luxurious locations; The InterContinental Hotel and the Fairmont Grand Hotel. We look forward to welcoming you where you can expect to experience an intimate, luxurious environment for jewellery buyers and suppliers to conduct business. It promises to be a dynamic event, combining the participating brands’ power, creativity and experience.

The Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva

Haute Jewels Geneva will once again return to the Fairmont Grand Hotel. Please click below to see the full list of brands exhibiting at the Fairmont Grand Hotel.

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The InterContinental Hotel Geneva

In 2024 Haute Jewels Geneva will take place across two separate locations:  the Fairmont Grand Hotel and the InterContinental Hotel. Please click below to see the full list of brands who will be exhibiting at The InterContinental Hotel. 



In 2024 we will be almost doubling the amount of exhibitors with 39 of the world's finest jewellery brands showcasing their exclusive designs. These brands will be split across The InterContinental Hotel and The Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva. 


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