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Barakà, the historical brand of jewelry founded in the 1960s, is an internationally renowned

brand of luxury jewelry, featuring state-of-the-art technology and engineering. 

Since 2010, Barakà has been a pride for Muraro Lorenzo S.p.A., the prestigious manufacturing company created in 1975 in Vicenza, Italy, by Ivana and Lorenzo Muraro, and now managed by their children Marta and Alberto with the same enthusiasm and passion.


The Muraro Lorenzo S.p.A. company, proud manufacturer of “Made in Italy” jewelry, gives life to its collections for ladies and gentlemen from the very beginning: designers sketch their ideas on paper, engineers transform them creating a first prototype, and master goldsmiths smoothen them into fine jewelry.

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The style of the Barakà man identifies all values and moments of the day-to day life experiences of any gentleman, presenting three categories where he is the protagonist: leisure, business and free time. The Barakà man spends his time in between important business meetings, gala events and exclusive appointments, and he also loves to dedicate his free time to hobbies and refined sports such as regattas, golf or luxury cars. The trait d’union for these life moments remains the distinctive luxury and the recognizable designs of the Barakà jewels: a manufacturing avant-garde and traditional gold craftsmanship, 100% made in Italy



The Barakà woman wears luxury like a second skin, every detail reflects her edgy personality.
Independent, strong, decisive: the Barakà woman is the undisputed star among the masses, the tree that stands out in the forest. She knows what she wants and what to do to reach it, and every jewel is all about the intrinsic value of her personality and her skills. Her feminine essence comes to life in modern creations that won’t go unnoticed. Her greatness emerges and stands out.

Bold lines, enclosed within geometrical shapes and superb engineering mechanisms. Octagons, accents and chains’ elements combined with gold and diamonds: the final result is an artisanal work of art created to make whoever wears it the undisputed protagonist. 


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