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Capolavoro: Crafting casual luxury for 30 years. German precision meets Italian inspiration. Sustainable, stunning jewelry – a family legacy.

A friendly family-owned business on its way into the future! For three decades now, CAPOLAVORO has celebrated its special passion for jewelry, with soulfulness and style, exquisite craftsmanship and modern performance. The delicate details of each piece of the various collection lines draw their inspiration from the works of the old Italian masters.


Their quality stands for the highest German craftsmanship and the luxurious atmosphere touches the soul - of course, sustainability is also not amiss here and part of the core values.

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An extraordinary brand identity that 

was not conceived, but rather grew over time, based on passion, love and the strong will 

to make dreams come true. 

Jewelry made by CAPOLAVORO are easily recognizable: due to their joie de vivre which every piece embodies, their casual elegance and the intriguing “out-of-the-box” creativity.

Italian ease mixes with Bavarian traditions and sets every piece apart as inspiring capolavoro (ital. for “masterpiece”). 


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