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In 1964, Adriano Chimento founded a goldsmith laboratory in the Vicenza area, where the CHIMENTO brand emerged, foreshadowing its destiny to become one of the cornerstones of the Italian goldsmith landscape. The quality of the product, the craftsmanship, and the construction skills of its artisans quickly propelled the brand to long-term success.


Sixty years later, Adriano's son, Mario, is driving the brand's growth by managing a "Boutique Company" that is youthful and dynamic in its collaborators, modern in its systems, and discreet in its relationships with authorized dealers, marking a new chapter in the Italian jewelry landscape.

Three strategic pillars uphold the brand's distinctive positioning, imbuing its customers with an experience that can be summarized as the subtle pleasure of owning and wearing a piece of Chimento jewelry. This unique approach aligns with the recent market trend of customers seeking a sensory experience rather than mere aesthetic satisfaction from a product.

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The first pillar is the unmistakable style where gold takes center stage, characterized by a strong Italian identity, gentle lines and shapes, harmonious volumes, and gleaming reflective surfaces.


This creativity is realized in an internal manufacturing laboratory, the second strategic pillar, where the combined artisanal and technical expertise of Chimento goldsmiths gives birth to products that captivate the eye with their beauty, caress the skin with their perfectly polished gold surfaces, and adapt to the body with their flexible and elastic structures, ultimately evoking a profound sense of pleasure.


Finally, communication, the third pillar, succinctly encapsulated in the phrase "APPETITE FOR GOLD," is the brand's distinctive feature that leverages the legacy of a classic Italian jeweler while boldly looking towards the future.


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