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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Florence, FerriFirenze emerges as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic inspiration. Founded by the visionary Ilaria Furlotti and master craftsman Giulio Ferrari, the brand roots itself in the rich history of the Cradle of the Renaissance. The enchanting surroundings of a 16th-century villa, nestled in the green hills, serve as the backdrop for FerriFirenze's globally acclaimed designs, renowned for their unparalleled creativity and elaborate techniques.

However, FerriFirenze is more than just a jewelry brand; it is a true "jewelry tailor." From the design stage to stone settings, FerriFirenze creates its jewelry in a dynamic workshop where young and experienced artisans practice their coveted expertise, patience, and passion. These are the secrets behind FerriFirenze's innovative masterpieces, in which each stone and curve are etched into this new language of love, where every piece brings forth the type of jewelry making synonymous with art.

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The collections embody a unique duality, seamlessly merging ultra-luxury with everyday wearability. FerriFirenze caters to a dynamic consumer, a woman who knows exactly what she desires. Crafted for women with a penchant for excellence, the House takes pride in creating timeless pieces meant to be worn and cherished, rejecting the notion of locking them away.

Prepare to be captivated as FerriFirenze unveils its latest collections at Haute Jewels Geneva, showcasing a fusion of sophistication and innovation. The Elica Collection takes center stage, symbolizing the brand's unwavering commitment to innovative craftsmanship, promising a showcase of unique and exquisite pieces. Earning global recognition for its unique style and haute quality, FerriFirenze continues to evolve the legacy of Florentine high-end jewelry, catering to a new generation of women with an enduring taste for timeless luxury. The brand remains at the forefront of the industry, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.


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