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In the depths of the earth, millennia past, diamonds and exquisite gemstones were formed. Singular creations that have their own story to tell and are valued so very highly. The family of Hans D. Krieger has dedicated its existence and passion to these unique treasures for over 300 years. 

As a family company in it’s fourth generation, we see ourselves as having a special responsibility to preserve this inheritance of values, traditions and expertise, that we have entrusted with and to develop them further for future generations.


As early as 1720, the family of Hans D. Krieger has been closely associated with the gemstone industry in Idar-Oberstein in a colorful sequence of different professions: agate grinders (in the then still water-powered grinding mills), goldsmiths, engravers, pearl drills and pearl cutters, gemstone cutters and diamond cutters. Hans Johann Krieger founded the diamond grinding company in 1935, which Hans-Dieter Krieger took over after the sudden death of his father in 1964. The fascination for stones inspired him to create and manufacture pieces of jewelry. Today the company is one of the most important manufacturers of exclusive diamond and colored stone jewelry. 

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Over fifty employees work hand in hand to transform one of nature's most beautiful treasures, precious stones, into wearable masterpieces. The specialty of the jewelry is based on three pillars: the unique workshop that unites every step of jewelry production under one roof, from the foundry to goldsmiths, diamond and gemstone cutters, gemstone setters to polishing; the quality and rarity of the stones selected by our gifted gemologists; the employees, who are extraordinary and unique.


Perfection arises in handwork and in the trained eye, which no technology can achieve. Thanks to the variety of creative and passionate craftsmen who contribute and develop their skills every day, pieces of jewelry with a true identity are created. 

Since 2021 Hans D. Krieger KG is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. The Code of Practice covers responsible business practices throughout the jewellery supply chain, from mine to retail. It represents ethical, social, human rights and environmental practices and is mandatory for all RJC commercial members. 

We are pleased to be part of this community and to work with the Responsible Jewellery Council and its partners to uphold, promote and help shape these responsible and critical business practices. With the successful certification, we are at the beginning of an important and lasting development”. Andreas Krieger 


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