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Founded in 1878, the house of MARIANI is a point of reference in Italy for its extraordinary originality and beautiful creations. Their first jewels were created over 140 years ago and since those distant times, MARIANI has nurtured the success of its jewelry pieces within the family. 

It began with Camillo Mariani, an accomplished silversmith and jeweler who learned his art from the masters in Milan, Italy. The passion for holy ornaments was vivid at that time; chalices and crosses became part of the history of his jewelry and silversmith talents. With time, the Vatican and the Italian clerics coveted the uncompromising discretion and exquisiteness of their rosaries created by the superb craftsmen of the MARIANI workshop. 

By brilliantly transforming jewelry styles, MARIANI still continues today to uphold the purest tradition of “haute joaillerie”; the antique techniques are still preserved. Diamond lariats are made with the same passion as in earlier days when each stone was chosen and linked together, one by one. In a world where everything moves towards uniformity and repetition, MARIANI has always been attentive to the search for the new and different.

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With an invaluable heritage transmitted by his elders, Nino and his sons Carlo and Federico were among the first to incorporate new color combinations and jewelry techniques to their brand in the late 1970s. Insatiably curious and creative, MARIANI has always focused on composition of materials and colors instead of the large gems that commonly serve as centerpieces, knowing that it is from diversity and contrast that true beauty is born.


As a painter applies one dab alongside another on a canvas, they imagine intriguing designs, fashioning every jewel one by one, making it as unique as the woman who wears it. The MARIANI signature is the “mark” that even the tiniest detail has been given attention during its creation. Nothing is overlooked. Each object is composed around stones selected for their quality and their relation to one another, as if they have been destined for each other since the beginning of time. While MARIANI is among the most original of jewelers, its name is still unknown to the general public. The select appeal is no coincidence as each piece is custom fitted and limited in its production. 


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