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Piero Milano founded the company that bears his name in 1953 in the Monferrato region, the heart of the historical goldsmith and diamond district of Italy. 


His passion and dedication helped build a solid business that the following generation enhanced by expanding and creating original collections of fine jewellery, synonymous of luxury and excellence. 


The high-quality design, the manual workmanship, the combination of the traditional methods with the newest technologies, the selection of the finest materials, gold, precious and semi precious stones, all adhering to the highest and strictest law compliance, are maintained in the Piero Milano factory in Valenza Po. 

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Piero Milano is a family business that has always looked further into the future, keen to the possibilities of a global approach to find its place in the luxury skyline of high jewellery branding.  

Japan saw the first opening of a shop in shop in Fukuoka this year and a flagship boutique in Ginza, while United States recently added a shop in shop in The Woodlands, Houston, TX.  


Tradition and innovation, emotions and pragmatism: a philosophy that not only inspires the creation of unique jewellery pieces but modifies the paradigm of the relation with the customers and the public, conscious of the changes in our society. 


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