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“A thing of beauty is joy forever:
It will never pass into nothingness”

Inspired by these words, Smart Arts Jewellery, creates exquisitely crafted, beautiful, and unique jewellery since 1999. 

We love to travel – it is on these sojourns, and in the natural beauty, culture, architecture and art we observe, that we have found the inspiration for our collections. A dappled leaf about to tumble in an Autumn breeze; the gossamer wing of a mesmerizing butterfly; the vibrant crest of a tropical sunbird - all are images and sensations that have inspired us to create unique, imaginative jewellery from the vibrant hues of precious diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

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Our love for jewellery began with diamonds – which we have been manufacturing and trading since 1985. Specialising in the production of fancy shape diamonds, we use a variety of shapes to bring an additional dimension to our jewellery.

We strive to push boundaries by exploring new materials and manufacturing methods to bring our ideas to life.


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